Moisture is the Enemy of the Athlete

The last thing an athlete needs to worry about are the issues associated with traditional cotton socks, which absorb and hold sweat against the skin and toenails and contribute to Athlete’s Foot, toenail fungal infections, and blisters—just to name a few. Polyester, acrylic, or nylon wicking fiber socks may seem like a good alternative, yet they still can’t keep feet dry enough to prevent fungal growth.

But thanks to the dynamic fiber of Drymax Sports socks, athletes’ feet stay dry, keeping them at the top of their game. “When an athlete’s performing for two to three hours, running up and down the field or court, their feet are taking a lot of abuse because there is so much moisture trapped inside the shoes,” says Jeff Vail, Director of Team Sales for Drymax. “The last thing an athlete needs is a blister on the foot. We give them the ability to feel comfortable and to not have to worry about what’s happening on their feet in the middle of a practice, game, or match.”

Drymax socks utilize two different fiber technologies that are interwoven to form inner and outer layers, yielding a Super Hydrophobic fiber that rejects moisture and helps athletes perform all the way down to the molecular level. “The Drymax fiber works basically like a squeegee that pushes the sweat off your feet with every step you take, keeping the foot dry inside the boot or shoe,” Vail explains.

In fact, independent laboratory tests have proven that Drymax socks remain up to 25 times drier than wicking fiber socks, giving athletes a competitive edge. “With wicking fibers, the moisture isn’t necessarily leaving the shoe or boot, but Drymax has a hydrophobic fiber that hates moisture,” says Vail. “Our socks allow athletes to focus on what they’re doing. They don’t have to worry about blistering, which is a major issue, and this helps from a performance standpoint.”

The company’s full line of socks for athletes and coaches spans all sports and has even landed on the feet of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. “From the NFL all the way down to the junior high school level, we have teams and individual athletes that will wear nothing but our socks,” Vails says. “They feel better on their feet, they’re trustworthy, they’re durable, and, most of all, because they work.”

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