Make Your Lockers Look Like New

There’s few facility projects that can match the excitement of a new locker room. Everything looks perfect, works the ways it should, and the athletes look forward to spending time there.

Over time, though, the luster of a new locker room can wear off. Fortunately, you can get lockers looking like new again by touching up the dings and scratches that can occur during normal use. List Industries even provides a special guide to making aerosol paint touch ups on its web site, which you can download by clicking here.

The guide explains where spray touch ups are appropriate and when they’re not, how to prepare the surface for best results and explicit, easy to follow instructions for spraying the paint, and to best match colors. It also offers advice on storing aerosol paints and recycling the cans when you’re through with them.

And should you run into any trouble, their Trouble Shooting section addresses some of the most common problems and offers practical solutions. While it may not match the thrill of having new lockers, taking the time to touch up any dings and scratches can have your lockers looking like new.

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