See the Tidal Wave in Action

The Tidalwave from Aqua Creek is a comfortable aquatic bike that is easy to use.

This bike offers a unique flywheel and folding v-frame design. Multiple resistance levels, adjustable seat and handlebars allow users of all types to exercise at comfortable settings.

Watch this video to see the Tidalwave in action:

For more information, visit the Aqua Creek website.

Help Athletes Prevent Injury, Rehab Faster and Work Out in Half the Time

The goal of training and conditioning is to develop athletes to be successful while keeping them mentally and physically healthy, performing at peak condition. If you’re struggling with this challenge or your past seasons have been prone to injury and athletes are not returning to their game quick enough, it’s time to add aquatic therapy to your program.

The AquaFit underwater treadmill system utilizes the benefits of exercising in water (Buoyancy, Resistance, Hydrostatic Pressure, and Heat) to obtain extreme physical fitness quicker, recover faster from injury, and begin training earlier after an injury. The AquaFit offers lower impact and stress on joints with higher outcomes in half the time of land based workouts. It’s a completely enclosed private chamber designed for the ultimate in hydrotherapy and fitness, boasting a larger exercise chamber (22” x 64”), making it ideal for athletes and sport teams looking for a wider variety of fitness opportunities.

To obtain this level of training and conditioning, add aquatic therapy to your program with the AquaFit from Hudson Aquatic Systems, now available with a limited time only special offer with free shipping:

  • $68,000 AquaFit – includes installation and delivery in contiguous US
  • $82,000 AquaFit Plus – required in certain states

Find out more about AquaFit’s features and benefits and increase the success of your program and each athlete’s performance. Contact Hudson today to take advantage of this special offer.

Designing an Indoor Basketball Court

Designing an indoor basketball court can be a daunting challenge for any facility, regardless if it an existing facility or newly built. Your goal is to determine the most functional layout for your particular space, while at the same time providing equipment that fits needs of your participants, personnel, and your overall budget.  Luckily there are many options available in the marketplace to customize your equipment so that it is a perfect fit for you facility.

Participant Play Level

Evaluating the play level of your facility’s participants is the first step when deciding on a court layout and equipment. Is your facility going to be hosting competitive basketball games at the high school or collegiate level? Check Gared Sports’ high school and NCAA basketball court diagrams to see exact dimensions needed for regulation play. Recreational facilities and schools with younger players (elementary or junior high) aren’t required to use a regulation court size, but many opt to anyway. The level of play may also determine how many courts you have (space permitting), and also what type of equipment you will need, such as backboard height adjusters that lower the boards to heights under 10’ for younger players.

Configuring Your Space

Now that you have assessed your facility’s play level, you are ready to configure your space.  Do you have the room for just one court, or do your space and budget allow for multiple courts? Are there bleachers or other sports equipment in the way of where the courts will be located? It is important to configure your courts wisely in order to maximize space and minimize interference between basketball games and practices and other activities in your gym. Many facilities choose the popular 6-unit configuration, which involves two main court basketball units at the ends of the main court, and then 4 side-court units running perpendicular to the main court. Typically the main court units will require regulation glass backboards and competition breakaway rims, while the side court units are sufficient with a less expensive option, such as steel or aluminum backboards. Some facilities choose to place a divider curtain in between the side court units to provide more separation during practices or drills. Larger schools and universities may require as many as 12 courts (or more), but they generally do not have the same space and budget constraints as smaller facilities do.

Building Limitations

If you have an older existing facility, or a building that was not originally configured for basketball or other sports activities, you will need to take that into account when designing your court. Some older buildings may have oddly placed heating and air conditioning ductwork that may obstruct the installation of ceiling-suspended basketball systems. In addition, older buildings may have roof structures and beam placements that are not ideal for hanging equipment from.  Regardless of your particular building type, safety should always be your top priority. Typically, basketball equipment manufacturers have a team of experienced engineers that are trained to find equipment solutions for practically any building. Sometimes wall-mounted basketball systems may be a more suitable option than ceiling-suspended systems, and they tend to be more budget friendly as well. Portable basketball systems, although generally more costly than other options, are another great choice for buildings with structural limitations, as they do not need to be hung from the ceiling and can be moved on and off the court as needed. No matter which you choose, always first have a certified General Contractor or structural Engineer evaluate your building so that he or she can make recommendations regarding design and safety.

Multi-Sport Accessibility

What other sports are currently being played in your facility? Are you planning on adding any in the near future? Will the equipment for those sports interfere with your basketball systems?  These are questions you will want to ask when deciding on court configuration and equipment. Today’s facilities are facing the challenges of fitting increasingly more sports activities into the same facility, as schools continue to gain programs and players. Even recreation centers are adding various sports activities to appeal to a wider customer base. Sports equipment manufacturers are paying attention to these challenges by offering numerous options for versatile equipment in order to maximize use and minimize set up time for facility personnel. Motorized ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted basketball systems can provide both recreational and competitive play options, and they can easily be moved up and out of the way of other court activities with the flip of a switch. These systems can be customized to fit your exact facility conditions.  Portable basketball systems provide even more versatility. Not only can they can be easily transported onto the court with minimal set up, and then rolled back into storage when not in use, but they can be moved as needed to different locations on the court. To appeal to both youth and adult players, backboard height adjusters allow the backboard to be lowered all the way down to 8’ so that all ages can play on the same systems. In addition, divider curtains are a great way to make your space more functional by separating basketball courts from one another, or separating your courts from other activities in the gym. For example, a radius divider curtain can separate your basketball court from a perimeter running track.

Ease of Operation

Advances in technology have affected every aspect of our daily lives, and sports facility operations are no different. When designing your basketball court, you will want to think about how equipment technology can increase employee efficiency, while at the same time staying within your allotted budget. There are countless products on the market that are designed to make it easier than ever to operate your sports equipment at the touch of a button. Most ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted basketball systems can be operated with an electric motor, so that moving them up and out of the way of other court activities can be done with a simple flip of a switch. Even backboard height adjusters can be electrically operated so that your court can quickly accommodate both youth and adult players. In addition, the majority of divider curtains can also be motorized, which can create separate court spaces in as little as a couple of minutes.  One of the most useful and efficient products to be introduced into the sports equipment market is a multi-equipment control system  that allows one touch operation of all the sports equipment in your facility, including basketball systems, divider curtains, scoreboards, and much more. These systems have several options, depending on your budget and facility requirements. The basic keypad system is a great low cost alternative and allows facilities to control multiple devices with just one keypad operation. More advanced touch screen systems are available with a color LCD display and can be customized for multiple equipment configurations, such as presets for operating on game or practice days.

For more information on designing a basketball court and basketball facility products, visit the  Gared website.

Get organized in 2019 with Rhino

Rhino designs and builds top of the line athletic training, hydration, and utility carts. All of their products are made in the USA to the highest standards. From football to basketball to soccer, there’s something in the Rhino Herd for everyone.

The Rhino lineup includes:

• Hydration SuperCart, 4-cooler (for outdoor sports)

• Hydration CourtCart, 2-Cooler (for indoor & outdoor sports)

• Hydration CourtCart, 1-Cooler (for indoor sports)

• Medical Cart, 1-Piece (for indoor & outdoor sports)

• Medical SuperCart, 2-Piece (for indoor & outdoor sports)

• CargoCart (for indoor & outdoor sports)

If you’re on a tight budget, Rhino might be able to help you work with an advertising sponsor. Almost half of the Rhino Carts they shipped in 2018 were sponsored at little or no cost the team. The company also has an athletic tape bulk purchase program where you can earn free carts after purchasing a qualifying amount of tape.

Visit the company’s website for more information.

Special closeout sale on myMET Sport

Good until August 29, 2019, WeatherHawk is offering a special closeout sale for its myMET Sport Wind Meter.  The price is normally $39.99, and during this sale, the price is just $12!

The myMET Sport Wind Meter is compact and convenient. Check the weather anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand. App available on the App Store. Coming out on Google Play soon!


  • Windspeed & Direction
  • Altitude & Location
  • Image with Embedded Data
  • Easy to Use
  • Free App


  • Range:0.9-40m/s (2mph~89mph)
  • Resolution: 0.1m/s
  • Accuracy: +(5% of reading + 0.3 m/s)
  • Operation Temp: -15.0~50.0 C
  • Operation RH%:
  • Storage Temp: -15.0~50.0 C
  • Storage RH%:
  • Dimensions: 91.5mm(L)*43.1mm(W)*18.9mm(H)
  • Earphone jack pinout: Apple-compatible CTIA Headset/Earphone 3.5mm Jack (LRGM) pinout
  • Weight: 20g

Visit the WeatherHawk website to take advantage of the sale before August 29.

How Versatile is the StretchCordz® Modular Set?

The StretchCordz® Modular Set from NZ Manufacturing is one of its best sellers because of the versatility it allows for both dry-land and in water swim training.

The set comes with three main accessories which can be used to perform a wide array of exercises. These three components are paddles, handles and leg straps. Here are several exercises that can be completed with each of these accessories.

Resistance Cords with Paddles

The NZ Manufacturing paddles are actually their #1 best seller largely because they allow swimmers to add resistance to pulls when practicing dry land practice swim strokes. Paddles help swimmers to train themselves to keep their hands flat to help increase speed and strength. The paddles allow swimmers to mimic virtually all of their favorite strokes outside of the water.

Resistance Cords with Handles

Resistance cords with handles offer many different exercise options to provide a full body workout. Below are a few dryland exercises that are popular with our customers:

Squat to Press – This exercise targets the entire body. Start by standing on top of the resistance band with your feet spread apart. Use an overhand grip to hold the handles of your resistance bands and keep your arms around shoulder level. Drop down into a squat position so that your knees are over top of your feet and your thighs are roughly parallel with the floor. Keep your hands at your shoulders during this exercise. Stand up while pressing the handles over your head until your arms are completely extended. Now bring your arms back down to shoulder height and repeat.

Front Raise – Stand on the resistance band with your feet shoulder width apart, while holding each handle with an overhand grip. Keep your back straight and raise both handles up to near eye level. Slowly bring your arms back down and repeat.

Resistance Cords with Leg Straps

Resistance cords with leg straps offer a myriad of different exercise options both in and out of the water. Below are just a few of the exercises that we often recommend to our customers:

Standing Leg Abduction – While the bands are secured to a door or pole, wrap the ankle strap around your active leg. Pull your active leg out to the side until it creates a 45 degree angle with the floor. Be sure to keep your active leg completely straight during the entire exercise.

Resisted Stationary Swimming – The StretchCordz® with Leg Straps can also be used in the water to provide resisted stationary swimming. This helps swimmers to increase speed and strength during practice so that they’ll be ready for competition with more explosive times.

Get a Full-Body Workout with the StretchCordz® Modular Set

Whether you’re looking for a dry-land or in-water workout, the StretchCordz® Modular Set has you covered. Be sure to reach out to the NZ Manufacturing team if you have any questions about this highly versatile product. They can be reached by phone at 800-886-6621 or through our online contact form.

Establish Your Team’s Legacy

Cabana Banners will work with your department to provide high-quality banners and recognition displays that meet or exceed your expectations.

Utilizing a fully customizable, all-inclusive design approach, the company strives to offer top-notch quality materials to ensure an enduring legacy.  Their materials are NFPA 701, Title 19 compliant. Eco-friendly latex inks print vivid colors that are odorless and non-toxic. All banners have sewn hems.

Cabana Banners offers three types of recognition banners:


No-curl smooth vinyl that is flame and fungus resistant. Constructed with a blockout liner that doesn’t allow light to pass through and the matte finish reduces glare.


A versatile flame-resistant woven polyester -Fabric like- material that is ideal for indoor uses.


Mesh is used where weight and wind are a factor in the installation process. Ideal for outdoor use on fences, stadiums, & sporting events.


• Grommets

• Pole Sleeves

• Sewn Velcro


 Visit the Cabana Banners website for more information.

Hydration Solutions from a Trusted Source

WissTech Enterprises is an athletic trainer owned company, and this knowledge and experience has resulted in providing the perfect options for ATC’s when it comes to providing hydration for their teams.

WissTech manufactures the Hydration Station, the Del Sol and the Coil Cool MAX portable drinking fountains.

Whether you need 20-gallon, 35-gallon or 50-gallon capacities, WissTech has you covered. With 20 years of manufacturing experience, the company is there to support you with advice, repairs or parts.

Click here for more information.