Ball Fabrics solves windscreen problem from turbulent weather

At Heathrow Country Club in central Florida, the frequent strong thunderstorms would blow through breaking ty wraps and ripping windscreen off the tennis court fences. Not only did this cause a massive maintenance problem, replacing ty wraps every day, but windscreen falling off the fence is not a good look for a beautiful facility with high end tennis courts.

“Mornings were pure havoc,” said Barry Myers, Director of Tennis at Heathrow. “People would be waiting to play and we were frantically putting windscreen back on the fence.”

Heathrow contacted Ball Fabrics, Inc., manufacturers of high-quality windscreen, netting, and athletic field products for over 35 years, to find a solution to the expensive and time consuming dilemma.

The answer: replace the windscreen on all 12 courts with ExtremeScreen™, which is designed to handle high winds without breaking loose from the fence. ExtremeScreen™, available only through Ball Fabrics, is the most long lasting and maintenance-free windscreen on the market, a durability backed by a 7 year warranty.

The result: For the 12 months since the windscreen was replaced maintenance has been reduced to almost nothing—no broken ty wraps, no flapping windscreen. “ExtremeScreen is a labor savor,” Myers concluded. “It manages the wind like a palm tree. In 12 months we have not had one windscreen blow down. I come to the courts after a huge thunderstorm and my courts look great, people can get on them to play, and I don’t have to go rescue the windscreen.”

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Adjust for success

Once a tennis academy, founded in 1978 by Nick Bollettieri, IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida is now one of the top private schools in the country.  IMG encompasses more than 500 acres featuring world-class facilities that have helped guide the development of countless champions at the junior, collegiate and professional levels.

IMG Academy also offers camp programs on a year-round basis, serves as a training and competition venue for amateur, collegiate, and professional teams, adults and families, and a host site for a variety of events.

College and professional athletes train at IMG, with teams like the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals taking advantage of the state-of-the art facilities.

Over the summer, between 500-1,500 student-athletes attend camps at IMG. No matter the time of year, there are usually multiple teams training in the weight room at one time. With such a crowd, having the proper facility is important to maintaining the right program.

IMG Academy constructed the 55,000-square-feet Performance & Sport Science Center on its campus, which features a 13,000-square-foot weight room, a gymnasiums, classrooms for performance disciplines, a yoga studio, an expansive athletic training area, and aquatic therapy pools.The Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Gatorade’s flagship testing and research facility, is also housed in the Performance Center.

The West Campus weight room in the Performance Center is the primary strength training facility for a multitude of athletes, and includes 24 racks, each with its own set of PowerBlock dumbbells.

With PowerBlock, athletes at IMG can do a variety of exercises without leaving their station. There is no more worry about constantly moving dumbbells or having them loose around the weight room. And groups accomplish more, as two athletes can use a set simultaneously when engaging in single arm exercises. “We don’t have people walking between stations or through exercises,” says Scott Gadeken, IMG Academy’s Head of Physical Conditioning. “And everything stays up tempo because there is no waiting for dumbbells. They help us get more done in a safer and more efficient manner.”

Do you have a space issue in your gym or training facility? Is there an area where you would like to have some dumbbells but just don’t have the space for a full rack of dumbbells?

PowerBlock commercial dumbbells could be the solution to your problem. There are five sizes available: 4-32, 10-50, 5-90, 12.5-125 and 12.5-175 pounds per hand. PowerBlock’s can replace racks of dumbbells in the space of just one pair and at a fraction of the cost of traditional dumbbells.

Did You Know?

PowerBlock offers the most extensive line of Commercial “quick-change” hand weights available. One set of adjustable PowerBlocks replaces racks of dumbbells. With multiple options, athletic programs can choose a set of PowerBlocks that adjusts from 4-32 pounds per hand or 12.5 pounds all the way up to 175 pounds per hand.

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Making Hydration Easier

The Rhino-Med Hydration SuperCart is designed to keep your athletes hydrated for the entire game or during a full practice. This product features heavy-duty wheels and brakes that include a 360 degree swivel, hardened ball bearings that are solid polyurethane and wheels that never need inflated. The metal grate bottom is made for easy air drying of the buckets after the game.

Here are other specs of the Cart:

•  Height: 40”; Length: 78”; Width: 37”

• Holds four 10-gallon coolers on top & six inside

• Dedicated cup drawer and 48 quart ice chest drawer

• Ventilated, lockable, storage space so coolers can dry securely—Stowaway door


“Primarily I like products that make my life easier. This product makes my life easier. That’s why we acquired it.”   — Dale Mildenberger, ATC, NATA Hall of Fame Utah State University

Super Saver in Laundry Management

The Milnor Model 30022VRJ Washer provides multiple ways to save on your labor costs and improve employee efficiency.

Milnor’s E-P Plus® controller has pre-programmed wash formulas built right in to save you time. You can modify formulas or create and save up to 30 of your own.

The Milnor 60 lb. washers feature extra- large cylinder perforation means linens end the cycle retaining less moisture, speeding up dryer times to save energy.

And save water with Milnor’s RinSave® Water Saver technology. This feature is exclusive software that allows for the basket to reach a precise G-force that “slings” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods after a wash step. RinSave® Water Saver will save up to two rinses per load and fill/rinse time.

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5 Tips for Purchasing Topical Analgesics

Topical Analgesics and pain-relieving gels are essential items for athletic training rooms. Ari-Med Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of Flexall Pain Relieving Gels, provides five tips to consider when purchasing topicals to treat pain.

• It is important to consider the active ingredients when purchasing topical analgesics.

• Determine whether the product is oil or water based and if any inactive ingredients are listed.

• Learn how the product is used in an athletic training room and its therapy protocols.

• Consult any studies that have been performed to prove the product’s effectiveness.

• Consider the product’s pricing and if it is available through established distributors in the market.

Flexall is well known in the athletic and medical industries. Flexall Gels help increase patient compliance by enhancing ultrasound, cryotherapy, T.E.N.S., and massage therapies.

Flexall (7% menthol) and Maximum Strength Flexall (16% menthol) are unique aloe vera gel formulas with natural oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme) and vitamin E. Maximum Strength Flexall Plus contains three active ingredients (16% menthol, 10% methyl salicylate, 3.1% camphor) in the same vitamin E-enriched aloe vera base.

For more information, visit the company’s website.

An aquatic bike with comfortable settings to serve all users

The new ProWave Pool Bike by Aqua Creek Products serves the needs of both strength/conditioning professionals and athletic trainers. The ProWave provides athletes of all levels and abilities with a fun, invigorating, and effective workout. And it is also ideal for physical therapy sessions with athletes who are injured.

Thanks to its unique flywheel design, the ProWave provides users with multiple resistance levels that can be adjusted with ease through the seat and handlebars. This perfect fit enables a smooth ride throughout the entire workout.

This innovative pool bike can accommodate users weighing up to 300 lbs. (136 kg). It is recommended for use in a pool with a depth of 3-5 feet (.9-1.5 meters). 

The all stainless steel ProWave also features a durable powder-coat finish, scratch-resistant transport wheels, and a three year warranty on its frame (with a one year warranty for parts and transmission).

It is available in three standard colors and five additional non-standard colors to customize your facility, and it can even be used barefoot.

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Realize the Benefits of Cupron Copper Technology

Wearing a chin cup several hours a day, six days a week creates a bad environment for the skin of football and lacrosse players.  In addition, these chin cups are hot, sweaty, dirty, oily, smelly and harbor bacteria & fungi.

Drymax Technologies is proud to offer their ChinSaver, a cover for chin cups and straps featuring Cupron® Copper technology.

Improve Skin Appearance

drymax fibers enhanced with Cupron Copper technology release millions of copper ions that help improve skin appearance.  When worn regularly against the skin, Cupron Copper technology provides documented performance for a wide range of applications.  Supplying your athletes with new products that make playing sports more enjoyable, can only help their attitude and performance.

Active Odor Control

Cupron Copper technology inhibits growth of odor causing bacteria, helping keep ChinSavers odor-free.  Cupron Copper is a fungistatic agent which protects the product from fungal growth and helps product resist deterioration from mold & mildew.

Powerful, Fast-Acting & Long-Acting

The Cupron Copper technology is embedded in the drymax fibers and will not wash out or wear out during the useful life of the product.

Active Ingredient = Copper Oxide Cupron Copper Technology – Patent # 7,169,402

Reliable Tool for Rehab and High-Energy Workouts

AquaPools from Hudson Aquatic Systems are perfect for sports teams seeking another reliable rehabilitation tool or high-energy workouts with faster, safer results. These pools can be completely customized with a variety of configurations and options, like spa jets and resistant currents, to provide a complete workout. Hudson’s beam pools are unique because optional viewing windows allow the therapist or trainer to accurately monitor the athlete’s gait and range of motion.

The beam pools give flexibility during installation since their components can pass through a standard doorway or windows making it simple to add a pool to your existing commercial facility. In-ground, above-ground and partially above-ground pool designs, as well fiberglass designs available.

Consider adding Hudson Aquatics’ AquaGaiter “Drop-in” underwater treadmill to your AquaPool. The combination of traditional treadmill training with the natural properties of water (buoyancy, resistance and heat) offers twice the results.  Watch this video to learn more:

Click here for more information on AquaPools, the AquaGaiter and the other products from the company.

7 Tips for Maximizing Your Equipment Budget


GARED Sports is pleased to provide these seven helpful tips to get the most out of your sports and facility equipment budget.

1. Match Equipment to Play Level

Before making purchasing decisions, first assess your user demographics, such as player ages and competition level. You may want to contact a sports equipment manufacturer or distributor for product assistance. Choosing the appropriate equipment to match your team’s play level will ensure that your player needs are met and that you aren’t wasting money on unnecessary or “extra” equipment.

2. Choose Versatile Equipment

Research multi-sport products, portable equipment, and electrically-operated systems available in the marketplace before making purchases. Versatile equipment will allow you to configure your facility space to accommodate the most activities with the least amount of equipment and will go a long way in maximizing your school’s budget.

3. Maintenance

Inspect all of your sports equipment on a regular basis to assess its condition, and repair promptly if needed. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding operation, maintenance, and referrals for certified repair individuals. Proper maintenance of your equipment will save you money by preventing costly repairs or replacements down the line and will extend the lifespan of your equipment.

4. Component Replacement

Replacing component pieces (such as nets, padding, backboards, and rims) due to wear and tear will require less money, time, and hassle than installing brand-new complete systems. This is also a great way for facilities to give their courts or fields an inexpensive “makeover” prior to the start of a season.

5. Product Warranties

Product warranties are offered by manufacturers as a reassurance to buyers that they will replace products in case of a manufacturing defect. Keep copies of your product warranties on file in the event that a piece of equipment breaks or stops working. If the product is covered under the warranty terms, the manufacturer will replace the product free of charge, saving you the cost of replacement equipment.

6. Training of Personnel

All facility personnel should be well-trained on how to operate all sports equipment in your facility to prevent damage to the equipment. Athletes and other users should also be educated on proper use to prevent tampering or abuse. Stress that the equipment is valuable, and the whole team (and playing season) is affected if things need to be replaced mid-season due to misuse.

7. Generating Extra Income

If your school is upgrading equipment, consider selling your existing equipment to other schools or recreation centers in your area. Smaller schools with tight budgets will appreciate receiving gently used sports equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. In addition, renting out your field or gym to other local schools or organizations is a great option to generate additional funds for your school.

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Find a GARED dealer based on your zip code, sport specialty, or market focus with its handy Dealer Locator feature. Contact a dealer using the “Contact” button and save your favorite dealers in a list for easy reference.

Create customized “wish lists” of products, called Game Plans, to save for future reference, or to share with a GARED dealer to get a price quote. Game Plans include links to the product pages, which include all product details and documents such as specifications, manuals, and warranties.

Save time and eliminate guesswork with our intuitive A.I.N.O Search Feature. Simply type in any sports equipment manufacturer’s part number and you’ll receive information on the GARED equivalent product.