New England Patriots Know The Difference

Count the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots among those programs that have benefited from training with The Difference USA.

College football programs such as Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Florida Gators, Washington, Michigan and Georgia use The Difference as part of their workouts.

Try 30 Days of Striking—If it doesn’t fit into your system, the company will refund your total cost (minus return shipping cost).

See the Difference in Your Game.

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Flexall® invaluable in clinical and training room settings

Since 1987, the Flexall brand family has proven beneficial in sports medicine, injury prevention, rehabilitation, work hardening, and pain management programs.

Flexall gels provide fast, penetrating relief from painful muscles and joints due to minor arthritis pain, simple backache, muscle strains and sprains, bruises, and cramps. Flexall gels are versatile enough to aid in treating the acute, sub-acute, and chronic stages of injury.

Incorporating Flexall gels into your treatment regimen will help increase “at home” patient compliance, enhance ultrasound and cryotherapy, calm the pain between T.E.N.S., and intensify soft tissue massage

Patients prefer Flexall gels because they deliver fast, lasting relief; offer an effective counterirritation to pain by providing a cool sensation followed by a deeper heat; and soothe and relax sore muscles by increasing local blood flow.

The Flexall aloe vera gel formulas absorb quickly and completely, are greaseless, non-staining, and gentle on the skin.

Flexall is used by athletes in all levels of competition including major sporting events such as The Olympics, The Super Bowl, The NBA Finals, The World Series, The Stanley Cup, college basketball tournaments, and college football bowl games.

Save on Water with Each Wash

One of the advantages of Milnor washer-extractors is that the use much less water than others on the market, allowing your school to save money on water usage costs.

Milnor’s RinSave(R) water saver feature is exclusive software that allows for the basket to reach a precise G-force that “slings” the wash liquor (including water, chemistry, and soil) out of the goods after a wash step. This feature will save up to two rinses per load and fill/rinse time.

Furthermore, simple hot and cold water inlets featured in Milnor’s washer-extractors are used to quickly fill the washer without fill level overshoot—machines with multiple valves can overfill a machine by overshooting the programmed level which wastes water.

A third water inlet is used to thoroughly dilute chemicals so that raw chemical does not directly contact and damage linens.

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Save big with Rhino’s DEMO Cart closeout

Every year Rhino SuperCarts replaces its carts used at their our trade show booths and offers them for sale at a “DEMO Cart” discount.   This year, the company has just four DEMO Carts available, and they will be sold on a first come/first serve basis.

The carts available at a discount are:

1-Cooler Hydration CourtCart…$999 ($1249 new)

1-Cooler Hydration CourtCart…$999 ($1249 new. This cart is in Texas with Henry Schein. Contact Mike Spehr at 972-872-5509 for details)

2-Cooler Hydration CourtCart…$1249 ($1649 new)

4-Cooler Hydration SuperCart…$2799 ($4199 new)

These discounted Carts range in condition from very minor scuff marks to small dents from shipping damage.  Each DEMO Cart is fully functional, and is covered by a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects (other than any exceptions listed in the description on the company website).

The DEMO Cart represent the only time when Rhino, or its distributors, offers a discounted price.

Rhino will ship the Cart you purchase once its receives either a school purchase order, school/business check, or credit card processing information.

How Resistance Cords Can Help With Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Injuries

No matter how determined, dedicated and skilled your athletes may be, without proper prevention and rehabilitation, they put themselves at risk for injury. Injuries to the shoulder, like a rotator cuff injury, happens to be one of the most common injuries seen at orthopedic practices.

When your shoulder is injured, it can affect a large variety of muscles, ligaments and tendons in that area. Prevention and rehabilitation are the keys to all shoulder injuries both before and after they happen, and the right tools and exercises must be used. NZ Manufacturing offers solutions to help in the area.

The Anatomy of the Shoulder

Obviously, your actual shoulder is a bone. The upper arm bone (humerus), the collar bone (clavicle), and your shoulder blade in the back (scapula) are all connected and surrounded by cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Most of the time, with the exception of blunt trauma, shoulder injuries are not due to the actual bones breaking but instead all of the surrounding tissue being inflamed, sprained, strained, stretched and torn. This can be due to a variety of factors ranging from overuse to weakened muscles.

Using the NZ  Manufacturing M365-MediCordz® band, many athletes have helped prevent shoulder injuries with exercises like the shoulder rope pulley which hangs on a doorway and works on strength and range of motion. NZ’s S117-TurfCordz® also is a great tool to preventatively strengthen your rotator cuff by utilizing both internal and external rotation.

Rehabilitation with Rotator Cuff Injury

Most often with a rotator cuff injury, the rotator cuff muscle is irritated and swells. This causes major cramping and inflammation between both the arm and shoulder bones and can sometimes cause swelling. Another type of rotator cuff injury happens to be a tear. If your rotator cuff is torn, it can affect both the muscle and the tendon. Recovery is not easy, but it is extremely possible. Exercises like high-to-low rows, getting down on one knee (stretching your arm out and then pulling your elbow toward your body so that your shoulder blades squeeze together), can help to strengthen and rebuild your otherwise irritated or torn muscles and tendons.

Another exercise utilizing a band would be the lawn mower pull. In this instance, you can place your StretchCordz® band under the opposite foot of the injured arm. Let the band go directly across your body and slowly straighten upright while your elbow moves up across your body like starting a manual lawn mower. Squeezing those muscles and those shoulder blades helps to strengthen and train your shoulders.

Using NZ Manufacturing’s StrechCordz®, MediCordz® and TurfCordz® gear, an athlete can do all of these exercises both in the athletic training room as well as on their own at home. Click here for more information on using resistance cords to prevent and treat shoulder injuries.

Need to Know the Answers on Resurfacing Tennis Courts?

You’re thinking of resurfacing, relining – maybe even adding a few tennis courts? Maybe (more like probably) you have questions. If so, the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for tennis courts, running tracks, sports fields and indoor and outdoor courts and recreational sport surfaces, is here to answer them.

The Association has published the 9th edition of Tennis Courts: A Construction and Maintenance Manual. The 2018 edition, published jointly by the ASBA and the U.S. Tennis Association, includes key updates to many areas of court construction and maintenance, including post-tension concrete tennis courts, LED lighting, 36- and 60-foot courts, and much more.

One key improvement is the addition of an interactive linkable pdf version, available at the same cost as the hard copy of the publication.

“The pdf allows users to search by key words or to link through the table of contents to specific chapters. It is much more user-friendly than past electronic versions,” said Fred Stringfellow, CAE, executive director of ASBA. “We’re really excited about this new user interface.”

The manual includes user-friendly technical information on all aspects of courts at all types of tennis facilities and clubs, including design, budgeting and planning, site requirements, drainage, surface selection, construction, maintenance, repair, amenities, accessories, court-building grant information, and more.

A panel of tennis court construction experts updated the manual from the 2015 edition, and it is considered an invaluable resource for anyone planning, building or considering a tennis facility, in addition to providing key information on maintenance, repair and renovation. Original drawings and photos from jobsites help illustrate construction, renovation and maintenance methods.

The book is a key resource for anyone, including schools, colleges, parks and recreation departments, and other owners and managers of tennis courts.

Copies of the new edition of the book are available now and will cost $44.95 each. Books can be ordered by contacting the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the website, The Tennis Courts manual also is available in an interactive pdf format.

A Solar-Powered Hydration System

No longer does a hydration system need to be externally charged every night.

The Del Sol from WissTech contains a lithium ion battery (with a life expectancy of 7 years) that is charged by the sun. Just take the machine outside, and let the solar panel charge and maintain the battery while it is in use. The solar panel is so efficient, it even charges on cloudy days.

No external battery charger is needed to charge/maintain the lithium ion battery powering the Del Sol 20. The charging can be completed in as little as six hours.

Standard Features for the Del Sol include: Sliding, retractable solar panel charger; 14Ah lithium ion battery (7 year life*); LED battery meter; Run dry pump shut-off timer; Water filter w/replaceable cartridge; 20 gallon insulated tank; No flat tires; Sealed wheel bearings; 6 bend water nozzles; Quick disconnect complete drain; and Optional school/team graphic wrap.

The lightest, all-carbon telescoping volleyball system

SNA Sports Group is proud to announce the success of their most recent Volleyball Net System, The Edge Telescopic All Carbon posts, which provide the strength of steel posts while weighing only 17 lbs. for the end post and 22 lbs. for the winch post. This system comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty on the posts and the winch. Also standard is the Kevlar Competition net for perfect net tension.

Other features include:

Pin-stop net height settings clearly marked for junior, women’s and men’s competition; Net tensioners; D-ring connectors; Antennae; Sideline markers; Post and cable padding; and Adjustable rubber foot.

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Laser Therapy Provides Drug-Free Pain Solution

“Non-invasive, Class 4 laser therapy is unique in that is has the ability to quickly reduce pain and ameliorate the tissue healing process,” writes Mark Callanen, PT, DPT, OCS. “It is a natural adjunct to most plans of care in the rehab setting, which means it can be marketed to existing and new patients alike that are trying to manage pain and inflammation. As the general public is becoming more aware of the need to find non-opioid pain solutions, laser therapy is a value proposition that patients are looking for and a marketing message that owners can get behind. It is a solution that is paying cash dividends to clinic owners investing in this service.”

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Neck Training Essential for Injury Prevention and Recovery

Concussion research over the past five years has brought more attention to neck strength as a prevention strategy. Iron Neck, a strength and mobility training device that allows for isometric training of the neck, back and core across a full range of motion, first hit the market in 2013. It has since been refined from a bulky strength training tool for college and NFL football teams to a rehabilitation tool for treating neck and back injuries in everyone from elite athletes to desk warriors to active aging individuals.

“Working with the neck in a consistent, repeatable way is a challenge,” says Iron Neck inventor Mike Jolly. “We solved that problem for athletes and large sports teams and over the past two years have refined many of the design features based on valuable feedback from rehabilitation professionals.”

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