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Eversan, Inc.

Wireless, Durable Shot Clocks

posted 2018-04-15T01:22:40 in Product Announcement

Keeping up with growing sports and their athletes is important for athletic directors and coaches. This can be made easier with the Lacrosse Shot Clock System from Eversan, Inc. With this system coaches and athletic directors can be certain that they are getting the best product possible, as Eversan has over 35 years of scoreboard manufacturing experience, during which they have consistently provided high quality products with cutting edge technology.

Coaches and athletic directors no longer need to deal with cable clutter, as the Lacrosse Shot Clock System operates using wireless 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology. Eversan’s wireless system also offers frequency hopping data transfer without interference from other wireless devices and long-distance communication capabilities with elective antennas that transmit data over a mile long. And while lacrosse takes place in many elements—snow, rain, cold, and direct sunlight, athletic programs don’t need to worry about their investment, as this system is made of a weather resistant design making it the most trusted and durable system on the market.

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