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A New Approach to Slide Boards

posted 2018-04-13T20:19:14 in Product Announcement

With all the emphasis placed on training the upper and lower body, the hips are often overlooked. But athletes in almost all sports place a lot of demands on their hips. The better they can rotate their hips, the better they can perform on the field, court, or ice.

The 3ACT Slide, available from Exertools, offers an effective and efficient way for athletes to train for rotational power. As opposed to most slide-training devices, the 3ACT Slide is a six-foot wide circle with predrilled holes for stability blocks that athletes push off from.

The multi-directional circular design means movement is no longer limited laterally. This allows for direction of movement forwards, backwards, and at any angle, opening up an unlimited number of possibilities for the athlete.

The sliding surface demands increased muscular activity, emphasizing control of deceleration forces to optimize explosive athletic skill. The dual-sided stability blocks allow customized foot positioning, while offering safety and movement specific guidance. This design allows for easy set up of both general training drills and sport-specific exercises. Click here for a library of possible drills.

In addition to its use as a training device, the 3ACT Slide is also perfect for rehabilitation. The low-impact environment will help injured athletes improve while reducing the risk of re-injury.

Plus, its six-foot diameter makes the 3ACT Slide easy to fit into any strength room and training facility. It can also be easily disassembled for storage or transportation before be quickly reassembled.


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