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10 Floor Cover Features Your Gym Must Have

posted 2018-04-12T19:19:37 in Product Announcement

Are you concerned that your school’s gym floor cover may be unsafe? Enhance Mats knows that the only way to ensure safety in your gymnasium is by having the right products in place.  The company has created a list of the top 10 features that your gym floor protection should have.

“We take the safety and protection of our customers seriously,” writes Enhance Mats on their blog. “We also realize the importance of branding when necessary. Our goal is to provide the right materials for you, no matter how you intend to use them.”

The first of the blog’s 10 necessary floor cover features concerns full compliance with the Americans with Disability Act, also known as ADA. Legally, “all public accommodations,” such as gyms, wrestling facilities, martial arts studios, and more, are required to provide the proper ramp systems and matting, which not only protects the disabled but also prevents facility owners from any violations. “Make sure your gym floor cover complies with these laws to avoid penalization,” writes Enhance Mats, which produces such products.

Another key feature of the company’s floor covers and gym mats is a reduced likelihood of tripping and falling, which ranks fifth on the list. The “completely slip resistant and wrinkle free” material simplifies the process of ensuring your space is safe. “Non-skid backing allows our gym floor covers and gym mats adhere to the surface of the gym floor and stay there – thus reducing tripping hazards,” Enhance Mats writes.

It’s also important to choose a brand that is easy to clean “with the swipe of a towel or clean mop,” which is the eighth feature on their list. Since gym mats are breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi, mold, and other germs and infections, you can avoid spreading these further with equipment from Enhance Mats. “Remember that Anti-Microbial carpet topcloth gym floor covers work even when the floor protection is being stored,” states their blog.

While a new gym floor is a huge investment for any athletic department or company, investing in its post-installation care will also significantly reduce the risk of injuries occurring. “Along with a specific maintenance schedule, investing in floor protection provides safety,” writes Enhance Mats. “Refinishing and replacing a gym floor is a huge expense. If you can maintain the gym floor finish, you can save both the expense and downtime.”

For Enhance Mat’s complete guide of 10 recommendations that can ensure the safety of every gym, click here to read their full-length article. 

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