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SidelinER: For Every Athlete, For Every Sport

posted 2018-04-12T20:22:11 in Blog

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” This quote from the legendary University of Oregon track and field coach, Bill Bowerman is a simple, yet powerful reminder that any one can be an athlete.

No matter the sport, all athletes deserve privacy and protection when it comes to injuries on the field. The SidelinER medical tent was purposefully designed to create a safe and private environment for athletes to receive a truly effective sideline evaluation, and to alleviate the outside factors that can be a distraction for player and athletic training staff alike.

(SidelinER at the 2017 USA Triathalon in Tuscaloosa, Al.)

The SidelinER gained notoriety after debuting on the sidelines during high profile football games. However, adding SidelinER to your sideline care strategy for any sport elevates it to what the NFL calls the “21st Century Sideline.”

Today the SidelinER appears on sidelines across the nation from high schools to college and as of the 2017 season, on every NFL team sideline.  The medical tent has also been used for other sports, including gymnastics, basketball, golf, lacrosse, rugby, soccer and track.

(The 2017 Kevin Derryberry Golf Tournament.)

The versatility of the design, allows SidelinER to have a place on every sidelines. It comes in a military-grade duffle bag with handles making it easy to transport with just two people. No tools are required for set up, which only takes a couple minutes. New in 2018, telescoping frame and tube reinforcements help set up go even more quickly and lock the frame into place securely. The cover is weather resistant, making the SidelinER ideal for any sport during any season.

Even more, the unique sponsorship opportunities afforded by the SidelinER help it easily pay for itself. Removable, branded panels on either side of the SidelinER create branding opportunities not just for your program, but the chance to offer sponsors and advertisers you work with never-before-offered advertising space on these panels.

(Pedal for Pat 2017 – The Pat Summit Foundation)

No matter whether you call it a field or a court, play for minutes or quarters, on grass, clay or hardwood, the SidelinER brings privacy and dignity to every athlete and those who care for them.

To learn more about the SidelinER program of products, visit or call us at 205-690-1163.

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