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Safe Ceiling-Hung Backboards

posted 2018-04-08T18:02:57 in Product Announcement

The last thing that should be worried about during a basketball game is the stability of equipment. With Gared Sports’ line of Dual Post Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstops, coaches and athletic directors can be certain that their athletes are safe even after years of use as all of Gared’s dual post backstops have been tested and approved by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), meeting the requirements of stability and safety. And programs across the country can be sure of the durability of their backstop, as all equipment and hardware designs have even been approved by the state of California for meeting, or sometimes exceeding, all seismic testing requirements.

But safety doesn’t stop there. Coaches and athletic directors can trust the reliability and performance of their investment, as each Dual Post Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstop includes engineered adjustable mast hangers designed for strength and safety at critical attachment points. Clean overhead designs provide the strength to handle the load of the equipment and stress caused by years of competitive use, so there is also no need for coaches or athletic directors to be concerned about constantly updating or replacing equipment. Along with being kept safe, athletes and athletic programs can also be proud of their gymnasiums, as an extremely durable, baked on powder coat finish creates an attractive, clean appearance.

To learn more about Gared Sports’ line of Dual Post Ceiling Hung Basketball Backstops, click here.

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