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Waterboy Sports

Better Hydration. Better Performance

posted 2018-04-08T17:54:42 in Blog

When traveling to an event or competition, teams, coaches, and athletic trainers have a lot of equipment to lug around. Most of the time, this includes multiple heavy coolers full of water or sports drink to keep players safe and healthy. Athletic programs can now decrease their load while still giving their athletes proper hydration with the A-Frame Drinking Tree from Waterboy Sports. Coaches and athletic trainers can move the Drinking Tree to multiple home or away fields as it quickly disassembles for easy transport and storage and attaches to a potable water source via a recommended sanitary garden hose.

With eight drinking stations that have individual shut-off valves, athletes don’t have to wait in or hurry through long lines. If a coach wants to give their athletes chilled water, the Drinking Tree can also be run through the Waterboy Sports’ Horizontal Chiller. No matter how or where coaches choose to use the Drinking Tree, they can be certain that their athletes are being kept both hydrated and healthy, as a closed plumbing system prevents contamination.

To learn more about how Waterboy Sports can help keep your athletes hydrated, Click here.

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