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Versatile Workouts

posted 2018-04-08T17:41:14 in Blog

Coaches and athletic trainers can now help increase their athletes’ strength, flexibility, and range of motion with the Sanctband Resistive Tubing with Handles. With four color-coded levels of resistance, athletes can progress through their exercises as their strength increases. Coaches can also use the Sanctband Resistance Tubing to increase muscle endurance by having their athletes perform a high number of repetitions with the lighter bands. And unlike larger, heavier, and more awkward exercise equipment, coaches and athletic trainers can easily fold up the tubing and transport it to the weight room, athletic training room, gymnasium, or even the field of play.

When using the Sanctband Resistive Tubing, athletes can engage in a variety of workouts that provide a total-body workout from head to toe. Whether they want to focus on the larger muscle groups or isolate smaller ones, the exercise possibilities are endless. Athletes can target the upper body, lower body, and even the core as the tubing makes it easy to target both the upper and lower abdominals, as well as the obliques and low back. Coaches and athletic trainers can use the tubing as a warmup tool before their athletes regular routine or even as part of a stretching regimen at the end of a workout to aid in recovery. No matter how or when the tubing is used, athletes are provided a solid grip and soft comfort from attached foam-padded handles.

To learn more about the benefits of Sanctband Resistive Tubing with Handles as well as other resistance bands, check out this blog from OPTP Staff Writer Josh Crane: Click here.

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