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Less Weight, Same Quality

posted 2018-04-07T20:51:14 in Customer Review

Most school gymnasiums are used for multiple purposes, causing volleyball coaches and staff to spend valuable warm up or practice time transporting and setting up heavy, bulky systems. Volleyball programs no longer need to worry about losing this time with the best selling Centerline Elite Aluminum system from Bison, Inc. While not made from steel, coaches and athletic directors don’t need to be concerned for their athletes safety on the court as this is one of the most rigid aluminum systems on the market. And they can be certain that their investment is sound, as the Centerline Elite Aluminum combines the perfect balance of weight, cost, and post deflection.

“Steel is great in cars or buildings, but when the University of Arizona volleyball team practices in the Wildcats basketball arena, we got tired of hauling the heavy systems in and out,” said University of Arizona Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Dave Rubio. “I’d never considered aluminum systems because of negative comments from other coaches. I am now a firm believer that weight alone is not the measure of a quality volleyball system. While the Centerline Elite aluminum standards won’t make our team better, it has made our equipment managers happier.”

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