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Spark the Offseason Fire With Weightroom Record Boards

posted 2018-03-26T16:29:20 in Product Announcement

Champions are made during the offseason. Regardless of the time of year, weightrooms across the country are bustling with action as athletes put in the hard work necessary to come out on top at the end of the playing season.

A common way to inspire athletes in the weightroom and keep the competitive fires burning is to track and post weightroom performances for the athletes to see. This will prompt many athletes to dig deeper to move up the standings, both increasing their physical abilities while also keeping them in a competitive state of mind.

Athletic Record Boards from Austin Plastics are a perfect way to display these records and standings in the weightroom. Ranging from 48” x 48” to 48” x 96” they’re functional, attractive and easy to update.

With your athletes making regular progress, you will need to change names and performance marks regularly. Austin Plastics has a computer program designed to help you print perforated card stock strips that you can easily slide in and out of the board as needed. And should you decide to change your testing routine, it’s easy to get updated engraved plates.

Best of all, the boards are made to fit your needs. You can decide which categories to track, how many athletes to list and even whether to feature pictures of elite performers. Whether you want to separate players by position, class, body weight, or any other criteria, Austin Plastics has a board for you. They also have boards specifically designed for powerlifting teams, with room for top performances in the squat, bench, deadlift, and total for multiple weight classes.

Click here to see a full gallery of weightroom boards from Austin Plastics.

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