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Three dimensional surface for functional movement

posted 2018-03-18T21:25:26 in Product Announcement

Core-Tex Complete does what nothing else in the fitness, sports conditioning or rehab worlds can do: Create a truly three dimensional surface for functional movement. Its versatility enables users of all levels and abilities to train the entire body in multiple positions using the unique motion to increase strength and mobility. That’s why the Core-Tex is endorsed by the fitness industry’s most respected leaders.

Take any exercise and make it better on the Core-Tex. If you have never used the Core-Tex before, it is highly recommended you purchase the Complete Unit.

The Complete Unit includes:

• Base

• Ball transfers

• Adjustable center dow

• Platform

• DVD with support materials for safety and multiple exercise options

• Adjustable Handrail with 3 height adjustments—Maximum height46.5 inches x width 30.5 inches

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