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State-of-the-art track surface at the University of Michigan

posted 2018-03-02T03:28:51 in Case Study

Rise-N-Run is one of the most technologically advanced hydraulic banked systems to enter the world of Track & Field in a decade. Its sophisticated design makes the unit operate more smoothly, accurately and almost silently. The touch screen control system was constructed with simplicity in mind; the operator selects the desired angle and the system automates the rest. Off-site monitoring sends alerts or error messages in real time.

The University of Michigan recently unveiled the latest Beynon Sports’ Rise-N-Run hydraulic track.

Part of the $168 million state-of-the-art Athletics South Competition & Performance (ASCP) project, the new Beynon surface has allowed the Wolverines to have full control over the track angle, from flat to full raised.

Beynon’s Rise-N-Run Hydraulic system allows athletes to raise and lower the track surface to specific angles of embankment to counteract centrifugal force caused by their circular motion and achieve unparalleled racing times.

“I would like to thank Beynon Sports Surfaces for the design, building and installation of this world class facility. This is one of the greatest facilities in the world and far exceeds our expectations.” Said Jerry Clayton, Head Coach, Men’s Track & Field at the University of Michigan. “It has been a pleasure to work with Beynon Sports Surfaces and specifically John Beynon. The craftsmanship and finished product is in a class of its own, resulting in a facility that will benefit present and future Michigan student-athletes for many years to come.”

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