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Ball Fabrics Uses Field Netting to Creatively Solve a Special Events Maintenance Problem

posted 2019-11-12T03:02:23 in Blog

BOOMBAH Sports Complex of Seminole County, a multi-million dollar baseball and softball sports complex, hosts 64 major special events annually. Many of those events require hundreds of yards of temporary fencing.

The problem? High winds often blew down the strategically placed temporary fencing right before or even during the event…a maintenance nightmare that gobbled up an incredible number of man hours and expense, as well as disrupting major events.

“In 18 months we had 10 events where our temporary fencing blew down multiple times during the weekend tournaments,” explained Steve Daugherty, BOOMBAH park supervisor. “Trying to determine why our product wasn’t working, I asked the windscreen provider if he had bothered to learn about our facility’s unique needs. We have more than 200 days a year with 30 mph or greater winds.” No one had thought to ask.

Seeking a solution, Daugherty’s research took him to Ball Fabrics, Inc., a Florida-based company that has been manufacturing windscreen and netting for over 35 years. The experienced customer service representatives at Ball Fabrics asked a lot of questions seeking a viable solution to this expensive maintenance issue.

Their answer: replace the temporary fence screen with 400 netting panels.

“Just recently, on a Friday afternoon, we finished setting up for a Saturday tournament. That night a tremendous storm blew through,” Daugherty said. “In the past, our fencing would have been all over the fields. Because of the netting solution Ball Fabrics recommended and was able to provide, not one panel was out of place. The tournament kicked off right on time.”

This experience reveals the value of a custom manufacturer with knowledgeable, hands-on customer service. “Every facility has unique characteristics,” he summarized. “We have to be creative, and find the kind of experts, like Ball Fabrics, who know how to work with us.”

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