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Enhance Mats

All American Gym Floor Protection

posted 2019-10-31T17:42:20 in Product Announcement

Enhance Mats’ innovation in gym floor protection continues with Gym Floor Armor, the latest in heavy duty defense. Available in fast and easy to deploy Rolls, easy to store Tiles, and branded Side Armor Courtside Runners, new protection turns your gymnasium into a multi-purpose facility.
Many companies have tried to copy Enhance Mats’ innovative products, but they haven’t come close to mastering our superior products. Don’t settle for the knock-offs to protect your expensive gym floor.
Out latest developments feature eco-friendly noise dampening top cloth, moisture barrier backing, branding capabilities, the acoustic qualities of carpet, class 1 fire ratings, easy deployment, take-up and storage.

Featured Innovations

STORAGE ARMORY: holds over 7000 sq. ft. on a ‘space-age’ racking system that easily rolls through standard doors. Save labor costs with the new power winder.


Have you heard about indoor baseball/softball batting practice? Quickly turn your gym into a batting tunnel with new Tunnel Armor!
You asked for it, we developed it.
Check out our website or Call 877-318-8625 and talk with our experience customer service.

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