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Over 1500 schools are proud of their facility—Are you?

posted 2019-09-26T02:21:57 in Blog

Everyone wants to be part of a team and something bigger than themselves. This includes players, fans, alumni and recruits.

When your school or team logo is proudly displayed on a mat or carpet in your team’s locker room, it becomes the centerpiece of the room and fuels the spirit and passion for the team. After all, your logo is your Brand.

A common thread among coaches is the importance of recruiting.  It is often referred to as the blood that keeps an organization alive and thriving. When recruits look for their next step in development, they are more likely to choose the program with the most perceived value and prominent logos. Displaying your logo proudly builds trust and loyalty with recruits. Nothing is more important to a new recruit than the idea that they are part of something bigger than themselves.

Enhance Mats continues to develop flooring products that proudly displays your Logo and Brand in addition to providing your facility with heavy-duty safety and protection. Enhance Mats products are on the ground at over 1,500 schools nationwide. Our design team will work with you to make your facility stand out.

The company offers unlimited sizes and options for logo mats,  locker room carpet and mats, track covers, football sideline covers, gym floor covers, gym floor tile, court armor and and stadium mats (for indoor and outdoor use).

Inlaid logos are Enhance Mats’ specialty, and they have now added printed logos for specific products.

Are you proud of your school’s facilities? Call 877-318-8625, or click here.


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