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Buying a Windscreen? Do Your Research First

posted 2019-09-21T03:17:42 in Blog

Purchasing inferior windscreen that won’t last is a common mistake. People often assume all windscreens are created equal. The logical result of that wrong belief is buying windscreen from the least expensive source. Unfortunately, all windscreens are not equal, and all windscreen providers are not equal, either. Those differences can be costly in the long run.

That was the case at Orlando’s Olympia High school when Kevin McElveen became athletic director.

“The vast majority of people make up their mind about our school based on what they see from the road or during sporting events,” explained McElveen. “My first priority was for our school’s outdoor facilities to make a good first impression, to reflect the quality of our students and classrooms.”

His first step was to replace the torn and shredded windscreen flapping from the stadium and field fencing. A previous AD had cut corners by ordering low quality printed windscreen from a company without experience or product knowledge. The windscreen failed within a year. So did the company.

McElveen turned to Ball Fabrics, Inc., manufacturers of windscreen and netting for over 35 years. “The guys at Ball Fabrics came out personally. They offered helpful suggestions to accomplish my goals while staying within my budget.”

Ball Fabrics is known for top rate customer service and quality products that withstand the test of time. Working with professionals who know their product and are committed to quality can make all the difference.

“I wanted the fence murals up before our first game,” McElveen added. “They made that happen. And I got so many compliments. The art really pops. Now everyone knows that we are the Titans, and we look good.”

His advice to other AD’s: “Call Ball Fabrics. They were sincerely interesting in solving my problems. They know how to get the job done.”

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