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TurfCordz(R) by NZ Manufacturing, Inc.

Strengthen Neck and Shoulder Muscles to Prevent Injuries

posted 2019-09-15T23:54:48 in Blog

With Football season in full swing, strength coaches and athletic trainers place an ongoing emphasis  on safety.

Strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles is important to helping prevent head-related injuries as well as upper-body issues. The MediCordz® Headset Kit is an excellent tool for performing neck and shoulder exercises.

The M357 Kit comes with a head harness with four attachment points, a 2ft/60 cm modular tubing with 1.5 – 4.5 lbs (0.68 – 2.0 kg)* of pull, and a door mount. (Note: Headset should fit snugly around head.)

There are five sizes to choose from: Large, Medium, Small, X-Large and X-Small.

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