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Trent Dilfer begins new chapter, using VICIS Helmets

posted 2019-09-04T02:06:52 in Case Study

Lipscomb Academy in Nashville has a first-year head football coach, and he’s not just your average rookie coach.  He’s Trent Dilfer, who played 14 seasons in the NFL, led the Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl championship, and served as an analyst for ESPN.

Dilfer said coaching the students has been an “awesome honor” and that he has been looking forward to his first season.

The students’ safety is a high priority for Dilfer. That’s why his players are wearing helmets from VICIS.

“If my son was playing, I’d put him in a VICIS helmet, it’s by far the safest helmet,” Dilfer said. My wife went out and bought the entire program VICIS helmets. We want our kids to be in the safest helmets, the safest equipment and have the safest tackling technique. It’s been the forefront of every decision we’ve made as a family to make sure we treat these boys like we’d treat our own son,” said Dilfer.

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