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A Kettlebell that’s Adjustable

posted 2019-08-30T04:06:40 in Blog

PowerBlock gave its engineers a challenge: Create the most compact and ergonomic adjustable kettlebell ever.

Mission accomplished.  The company introduced the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell.

The contour of the Adjustable Kettlebell shell provides exceptional comfort in all orientations. By optimizing the positions of the center of mass in relation to the selected weight, the product provides excellent balance and stability enable constant control and consistent rotation. The Adjustable Kettlebell is easy, and safe, for athletes at all levels to use as a strength training tool.

This Adjustable Kettlebell has been dimensioned for maximum performance while maintaining simplicity for ease of use, causing it to feel like a solid iron kettlebell but with all the advantages of adjustability. It replaces four kettlebells in the popular sizes of 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg (18, 22, 26, and 35 lbs).

The Adjustable Kettlebell’s shell and inner weights are both all-steel, and it features steel selection pin with magnetic lock.  The product is super compact at just 5.75″L x 4.25″W x 10″H.

Here’s a video to learn more about the KettleBell:

For more information, visit the company’s website.

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