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Help Athletes Prevent Injury, Rehab Faster and Work Out in Half the Time

posted 2019-08-26T02:14:03 in Blog

The goal of training and conditioning is to develop athletes to be successful while keeping them mentally and physically healthy, performing at peak condition. If you’re struggling with this challenge or your past seasons have been prone to injury and athletes are not returning to their game quick enough, it’s time to add aquatic therapy to your program.

The AquaFit underwater treadmill system utilizes the benefits of exercising in water (Buoyancy, Resistance, Hydrostatic Pressure, and Heat) to obtain extreme physical fitness quicker, recover faster from injury, and begin training earlier after an injury. The AquaFit offers lower impact and stress on joints with higher outcomes in half the time of land based workouts. It’s a completely enclosed private chamber designed for the ultimate in hydrotherapy and fitness, boasting a larger exercise chamber (22” x 64”), making it ideal for athletes and sport teams looking for a wider variety of fitness opportunities.

To obtain this level of training and conditioning, add aquatic therapy to your program with the AquaFit from Hudson Aquatic Systems, now available with a limited time only special offer with free shipping:

Find out more about AquaFit’s features and benefits and increase the success of your program and each athlete’s performance. Contact Hudson today to take advantage of this special offer.

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