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Ball Fabrics

Upgrade your facility without breaking the budget

posted 2019-08-14T02:47:52 in Blog

Ball Fabrics, Inc., manufacturing athletic field equipment and windscreens for 35 years, makes it easy to dress up and outfit any baseball or softball dugout for safety and player protection, increased team/school/facility branding, privacy, and to build team spirit…without breaking the budget.

Safety matters, but so do aesthetics and cost. Ball Fabrics’ Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Padding provides fast, easy to install padding for dugouts and top rail at half the price of a high-end custom product without sacrificing a professional, custom look. Tubular foam padding is encased in 18 oz. vinyl, treated for outdoor use and available in a variety of colors.

Ball Fabrics also offers the choice of high quality barrier protective netting or a more aesthetic option using windscreen which can be printed with custom graphics to brand your team or facility. Either product will be custom measured and manufactured to perfectly fit your facility.

Consider adding windscreen to the back of the dugout to keep the players focused on the field. Enclosing the dugout in windscreen adds privacy and increases aesthetics while still allowing some air flow.

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