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Texas A&M-Commerce to convert entire football roster to VICIS ZERO1 helmets

posted 2019-08-07T02:41:40 in Product Announcement

Texas A&M University-Commerce announced last month that it will equip its entire varsity full roster with the VICIS ZERO1 helmet for the upcoming 2019 football season. The ZERO1 has received the highest rating in the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) helmet performance testing three years in a row. The ZERO1 is also top-rated in VIRGINIA TECH® Helmet RatingsTM for collegiate and high school play.

The university’s decision to convert its entire varsity team to the ZERO1 is the latest example of a growing commitment from teams around the country to protect student-athletes with the most technologically advanced equipment. More than 1,200 high school programs and 150 professional and college teams have made the switch to the ZERO1. Originally introduced in 2017 to NFL and NCAA teams, the ZERO1 features a deformable outer shell and a unique columnar layer designed to slow impact forces while enhancing players performance.

“I’m really excited about our partnership with VICIS and I think it says a lot about our University, putting the student-athlete’s welfare first by using absolutely the best helmet on the market,” Lion head football coach David Bailiff said. “The state of the art technology and light weight will protect our student-athletes from injury, and I’m proud of our school for stepping up to use the ZERO1. It’s incredible for our administration to get this done for our student-athletes and keep them safe.”

Through the partnership, Lion football coaches, trainers and equipment managers will have access to on-field safety-related educational seminars provided by VICIS personnel, as well as receive significant discounts towards the purchase of helmets and accessories, all with the focus of improving student-athlete safety in the sport of football.

“We are proud to partner with Coach Bailiff and Texas A&M University-Commerce to promote player protection and education,” said Dave Marver, VICIS CEO and co-founder. “We look forward to supporting these student-athletes with our protective technologies this upcoming season and beyond.”

For additional information about VICIS and the ZERO1, or to reserve a helmet for your player or team, visit

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