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PowerBlock® Solves Space Issue

posted 2019-08-01T03:25:10 in Blog

Eliminate the need for dumbbells.

PowerBlock was founded in 1991. At the time, the owners were designing strength equipment that was sold primarily in Specialty Fitness Equipment stores, and the one constant they always saw was mountains of dumbbells. The PowerBlock was invented as a way to have racks of dumbbells at home without the space required and inherent cost of traditional dumbbells. The first PowerBlocks were then sold in 1993. Sometime in the late 90’s, “beefed up” double welded models were manufactured and the commercial PowerBlock’s were born.

With the advent of the third generation Urethane Series PowerBlocks, and subsequent extensive testing involved in the process, the commercial PowerBlocks were changed to Urethane and utilize all the benefits of the home models’ “flex technology” along with added features including optional custom decals in school/team colors and logos.

Visit the company’s website for more information on PowerBlock’s different models.

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