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DOCTOR HOY'S Natural Pain Relief

Pain relief gel used by top professionals

posted 2019-07-29T01:04:37 in Blog

DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relieve is well-connected with professionals who treat athletes as well as other sports medicine associations.  DOCTOR HOY’S is a proud sponsor of the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society, the Professional Hockey Chiropractic Society,  the American Chiropractic Association, and the Positional Release Therapy Institute.

Tips for using DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel

DOCTOR HOY’S™ Natural Pain Relief Gel combines Arnica Montana, a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, with 5% Camphor and 5% Menthol providing deep pain relief. The perfect cool to warm sensation to ease pain quickly. You can expect hours of relief from our Timed Delivery Menthol. The gel dries quickly and there is no lingering scent. It’s safe for repeated use.

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