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All-In-One- Therapy Pool for Successful Outcomes

posted 2019-07-06T22:28:55 in Case Study

The SwimEx 1500 T combines state-of-the-art technology with unsurpassed construction for the ultimate therapy pool.  Introduced in spring 2018, the pool was created at the request of Denver Broncos director of sports medicine, Steve “Greek” Antonopulos.

“The pool is awesome!” says Antonopulos. “We are so pleased with the design! It is great to be able to get 3-4 players in the water at a time doing their rehab.”

1500 T Therapy Pool Benefits

According to SwimEx engineer Alex Powers, this pool is something SwimEx had been thinking about for a few years.  Built with durable fiberglass construction, the 1500 T features the new zero-entry lift that doubles as a treatment zone, three different water depths, deep wells, a still water area, and a 99-speed water current zone.

“We were thrilled when Steve’s request provided us with the incentive to design and manufacture this pool,” says Powers, who created the 1500 T along with SwimEx head engineer Mark Fyrer and field service technician Jim Gagnon.

“Steve wanted a lift pool that would give injured players easy access but also wanted to stop the lift at any depth. I believe we exceeded his requirements by incorporating the lift into a multi-functional pool.”

Positioned in one corner of the pool, the 5′ x 5′ zero-entry lift stops at any water level (between 0″ and 48″) for multi-depth treatments and exercises.  The 99-speed water current (a SwimeEx exclusive) remains consistent from one session to the next making it easy to measure progress and outcomes.

The SwimEx 1500 T pool can also be customized. Change the pool’s interior configurations. Add integrated treadmills, vary the stairs, add box steps, and benches.

“The SwimEx team is incredible to work with,” says Antonopulos.   “The versatility of this pool is exactly what we were after when we started this project with SwimEx.”

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