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Problem Solving Common Facility Problems

posted 2019-06-28T18:12:29 in Blog

BOOMBAH Sports Complex of Seminole County in central Florida needed a creative solution for their Maintenance Barn. A 102-acre, multi-million dollar baseball and softball sports complex with both synthetic and natural grass fields, hosting 64 major annual events, requires lots of equipment and materials. They needed to solve three issues common to many such facilities.

Issue #1: Beautification. The Maintenance Barn, housing extensive equipment and supplies, was situated near the main entrance and enclosed by multiple layers of chain link for security. How to give it the road appeal appropriate for such a world-class facility?

Issue #2: Efficiency. The Barn is the busy working heart of the Complex, charged with a brutal regimen  of set-up and maintenance. So the beautification solution must also be tough, durable, and practical.

Issue #3: Protection. Supplies like fertilizer, as well as expensive equipment, need protection from Florida’s frequent blowing rains. Grounds crews need a cool place to work during the brutal summer heat.

The burning question: how to employ practicality and efficiency while increasing curb appeal?

Steve Daugherty, BOOMBAH park supervisor, explains. “We went to the guys at Ball Fabrics, Inc. and it was obvious that they got our needs. They suggested enclosing the entire area with PrivaScreen.”

He continued, “Using PrivaScreen® was a trifecta solution. It satisfied all three of our criteria: efficiency, beautification, and protection. The color and texture fits right in, looks natural, and puts the window dressing on the site. It stops the rain, protecting equipment and supplies but, because air flows through PrivaScreen®, it actually provides a cooler, more pleasant working environment for our crews. We have done a lot of projects with Ball Fabrics and we are always satisfied with the collaboration between our problem-solving team and theirs.”

For more information, visit the Ball Fabrics website.


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