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A Staple in Strength Training

posted 2019-05-29T23:46:21 in Blog

Dumbbells continue to be one of the most versatile strength training tools ever developed. Dumbbells allow the user to work his or her entire body without the restrictions of set movement planes that machines or even bars have. Dumbbells can be used to mimic real world movements making them also ideal for functional training.

One of the exciting trends in the fitness marketplace is the athletic performance training center. A couple of famous APT centers that come to mind are EXOS Core Performance Centers and IMG Academy. Originally geared towards hard core athletes wanting to get that “edge” over the competition or get in “season shape” before the season. The facilities feature well-trained instructors who have specific areas of expertise in every facet of athletic performance. These training facilities have even evolved to having Post-Grad Programs, Adult Programs, Youth Camps, Team Training, Pro/College training, Tactical Training and even Boarding Schools. Because of the high level of expertise, trainers even train to be trainers there.

Often times these facilities are set up in a work stations format, where they will have an anchor Power Rack surrounded by bars, bumper plates, bands etc. Everything they need to train a small group of athletes in a rotation. They will have this set up times 5, 10, 20 or even 40 work stations. At each station they will have a commercial PowerBlock set to do dumbbell work without having to leave the area.

Bethel University in St. Paul Minnesota is an impressive facility that was built a few years ago and epitomizes this approach. At 22,500 square feet, the facility is spacious, bright, modern and laid out in a very inviting matter. Just seeing the facility makes you want to workout.

It is two stories, and upstairs is a full line of weight stack machines as well as more than 45 cardio machines. There is also 5,500 square feet of biokinetics testing and lab space.

Downstairs are custom racks painted in school colors as well as many other custom strength pieces. At the racks are rows of 5-90 pound and 12.5-125 pound PowerBlock dumbbells with custom Bethel Royals decals. There is also 40 yards of indoor turf.

Rick Meyer, ATC, CSCS, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Assistant Football Coach, and HPE Instructor at Bethel University, had these comments about this outstanding athletic facility.

“The new facility is working out great,” said Meyer.  “We are able to more effectively cater to the needs of the entire Bethel community through the use of the flexible and dynamic weight equipment that we installed into our new facility.  In terms of dumbbells, the PowerBlocks were the ideal solution for our facility. The 12 sets of selectorized Dumbbells have allowed our students, staff, and faculty to get a full workout without the wait.  The students, staff, and faculty have really taken a liking to their flexibility and variability.  For the price of 1 full set of Dumbbells, PowerBlock equipped us with 12 full sets in a much smaller footprint.  I was unsure how the Bethel community would take to the selectorized dumbbells, but I have been overwhelmed by the great feedback and the usage of the PowerBlocks from all individuals using our weight equipment.”

Visit the PowerBlock website for more information.

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