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Realize The SwimEx Advantage

posted 2019-05-29T23:28:26 in Blog

SwimEx aquatic therapy pools are chosen by sports medicine professionals worldwide. The versatility of treatment options, adjustable water currents, ability to customize, and high performance outcomes set SwimEx waves above the competition.

Here’s why:

The SwimEx Advantage

  1. Full range of sizes, depths and custom designs to meet any treatment objective.
  2. Easy to maintain solid fiberglass construction that lasts for years.
  3. Customized pools and interior layouts.
  4. The world’s most effective and powerful water current technology. Successfully run, swim, workout or rehab against the current.
  5. Independent performance zones progress clients or athletes through all phases of treatment – from acute rehab protocols in non-weight bearing pool zones to aggressive weight-bearing exercises against the current. Accomplish exercises in both horizontal or vertical positions.
  6. Program workouts, treatments, and accurately measure progress and outcomes using the SwimEx EDGE touchscreen monitor.
  7. Maximize pool time by treating multiple clients in the same session.
  8. Superior customer service. Our in-house engineering team assists with design and installation advice. We provide on-site pool training. We have an experienced in-house service team.


SwimEx aquatic therapy pools are the preferred choice for therapists and sports medicine professionals worldwide. Solid pool construction, superior customer service, adjustable water currents, and the ability to customize each pool sets SwimEx waves above the competition.

Visit the company’s website for more information.

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