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Advertising with a Banner

posted 2019-05-23T23:45:49 in Blog

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or install new facilities, or bring in more revenue for sports programs, Cabana Banners can help get you on the right track towards meeting your fundraising goals. By placing these high-quality banners at school sporting events, you can entice businesses to buy advertisements, which will bring in significant profits. Cabana Banners’ valuable advertising tools practically pay for themselves because of the revenue they help to bring in.

“Our products encourage people in the community and local businesses to get involved and make a donation to the school,” says Mike Cook, graphic designer at Cabana Banners. “Advertising with a banner is a perfect revenue tool because each company or person who gives money will be highlighted on the banner for everyone to see. This means that the bakery down the street can donate some money and get honored for it, which often brings more patronage to them–so it benefits everyone.”

After 27 years, Cabana Banners is still going strong. The company’s products continue to help schools around the country meet their fundraising needs and celebrate their sports teams. The company is committed to providing great customer service and working closely with schools to engage local businesses with a number of advertising opportunities.

“Whenever a school is interested in raising money, we have several different fundraising options to choose from,” says Cook. “Whether it’s a small fundraiser like a team bake sale, or a big event to raise money for the entire athletics program, we’re here to help you make the most of it.”

Visit the company’s website for more information.

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