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The Right Stuff Hydration from NASA

Refueling During the Spring and Summer

posted 2019-05-12T20:24:01 in Video

As spring collegiate sports’ seasons are wrapping up postseason competition and fall sport athletes are preparing for the upcoming season, check out the latest video on how teams at the University of North Carolina are building their competitive edge through optimal hydration.

Kelsee Gomes, Director of Sports Nutrition at North Carolina, use The Right Stuff for pre-hydration as a way to deal with the high humidity that’s part of the weather in North Carolina during late spring and summer.  She also uses the product at halftime with certain sports to get electrolytes back into their body, as well as after games and practices to enhance the recovery process. Gomes says The Right Stuff is especially helpful for athletes who are prone to cramping.

Watch the video below:


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