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How to Get a Thicker Neck

posted 2019-05-01T00:13:29 in Blog

Athletes can benefit from having thick neck muscles, as adding neck exercises to your daily workout can yield better performance in athletic competition.

Doing exercises to make your neck thicker not only lessens neck tightness but also increases flexibility. By doing thick neck exercises, you slowly expand your range of comfortable motion. Even the most basic everyday activities, like checking your blind spot while driving, require a flexible neck.

Neck exercises aren’t just beneficial in your current activities—practicing a healthy amount of thick neck exercises can prevent future injuries. A recent study identified neck strength, size, and posture as factors that can help avert concussions. A strong, thick neck can reduce the energy of an impact that reaches the brain.

How to get a Thicker Neck

If you’re researching how to build a thick neck, don’t aim for an exact measurement. There isn’t a specific number that constitutes a “thick neck.” It’s actually measured by the proportion between your neck and your body in terms of height and weight.

Aside from daily strength training and stretching, diet actually plays a significant role in building neck strength. Increasing your daily caloric intake will help you figure out how to get a thick neck.

It’s essential that the added calories are mostly plant-based – you won’t bulk up if you’re adding more sugar, fat, and grease to your diet. Also, try to opt for lean meats as often as possible to avoid fatty additions.

Aside from maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet, staying hydrated is imperative as well.

There are plenty of reps and routines designed for how to make your neck thicker. Many can be done anywhere. However, these produce the best results when done with neck exercise equipment, like the Iron Neck.

Using neck exercise equipment helps to maintain your posture as you do exercises. It also provides resistance, which is essential to building a strong neck. Remember, the goal is to build muscle that can withstand impact.

Exercises for the Neck

One exercise is called neck flexion. Begin by standing tall with a straight spine, and then slowly bend your head downward. Bring your chin to your chest while keeping your mouth closed. After returning to your starting position, repeat twice.

Next, try neck tilts. Move your neck from side to side, up and down, and forward and backward. You can do 30 to 60-second reps of these.

You can even do dumbbell shrugs, which many often confuse as a shoulder or arm workout. Just hold a dumbbell in each hand and shrug repeatedly, making sure your arms and posture are firm. Using neck exercise equipment will help the rest of your body stay still as you target the muscles that connect your neck and shoulders.

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