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Sports & Fitness Flooring Fundamentals for Your Facility

posted 2019-04-29T21:35:21 in Blog

There are many things to consider when making flooring selections for different sports and fitness applications.

John Gleason, Marketing Manager at Mateflex, provides the following suggestions for determining the type of surface for your facility construction or renovation project.

“The first step is to clearly identify what sport use and fitness applications, as well as non-fitness applications, the room is going to be used for,” Gleason said in a recent article. “There are many surfaces available that will be suitable for multiple applications, but you want to be sure that the surface you choose will be conducive for all of the applications.”

Once you know what applications the area is going to be used for, you can identify which surfaces are suitable by reviewing industry publications and articles.

“This will likely provide you with a broad list that must now be narrowed down by the budget you have in place to fund your investment,” Gleason said. “Once you know which products are within your budget, there are also many other things to consider.

“One thing to think about is if you are purchasing the surface to be installed permanently in a facility that you own or if it is going to be installed in a rented space. If you are in a rented space, you may want to consider flooring options that will be portable.”

For gymnasiums where basketball and volleyball is played, Gleason said, “you will also want to be aware of the equipment used and the impact that will have on the surface. The weight load of portable basketball goals and bleachers can be something that influences what surface you can ultimately choose. You will want to carefully examine the surface warranties and make sure that your facility will be able to comply with those requirements.”

The big thing to realize, Gleason said, “is that the surface you choose for your facility can leave a lasting impact on the people who use it. You want to make sure that the surface you choose will provide your users with the best possible experience that will bring them back to your facility. You don’t necessarily have to pay for the highest-grade surface to achieve this, but you do need to make sure that the expectations of those people who use your facility are met and they are not left disappointed with your choice of surface.”

Matex is the oldest U.S. modular tile manufacturer. Their modular floor tiles are portable and extremely low maintenance. And that’s not all—these tiles are affordable and easy to install.

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