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Game-Changing Strength Facility and Equipment

posted 2019-04-24T03:11:28 in Case Study

Elite athletes demand elite equipment, and Vernon Smith of the Marian University Knights expected no less. A world-class facility to take their athletes to the next level!

Smith turned to Matrix Fitness Systems to help him achieve his goals in giving his athletes the tools to improve athletic performance.  He worked with the company to create a facility where all of his athletes can workout together, with all of the tools to develop strength, speed and endurance—including the S-Drive Performance Trainer and S-Force Performance Trainer.

“The great thing about Matrix is that if something doesn’t seem right, they’ll fix it for you. I asked for more resistance, so they worked on getting that customized exactly the way I wanted,” says Smith.

“As a coach, it’s been very easy to rely on them,” concludes Smith. “I will be the first and the last to recommend these tools to any other coaches. These units are a lifesaver and game-changer in the strength and conditioning industry.”

Click on this link to learn more about Marian University’s outstanding strength and conditioning facility.

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