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Earth Networks

Turnkey Solution for Sending Weather Alerts

posted 2019-04-14T02:23:14 in Case Study

Oklahoma weather is very active all year long with tornadoes, strong winds and thunderstorms. Preparing for and staying on top of what lies ahead keeps the emergency operation center in Stillwater, Okla., very busy.

Oklahoma State University has found a solution for managing turbulent weather in its region. The OSU athletic department has used Earth Networks’ Outdoor Alerting solution for the last three years, every day for outdoor facilities and NCAA events.


If lightning, hail or tornadoes are imminent, horns installed around the outdoor venue will automatically sound, signaling coaches, athletes and spectators to evacuate to a safe structure. Severe weather detection and alerting is automated — with no human intervention necessary. After the horns sound, the Outdoor Alerting Solution triggers a 30-minute countdown clock that determines when it is safe to resume play.

At OSU, the safety system is almost entirely automated. Athletic administrators, safety managers, coaches and staff are no longer required to monitor incoming weather during practice and play. Six football, soccer, baseball and softball coaches, athletic trainers and operations staff are set to receive warnings from the Outdoor Alerting Solution during practices and games.

Click here to learn how the Earth Networks system worked to prevent a potential problem from occurring at an Oklahoma State football game in 2016.

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