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WissTech Enterprises

The Team Mate Elite hydration station

posted 2019-04-09T23:45:13 in Product Announcement

WissTech Enterprises leads the portable hydration market with advanced, innovative technology for powering and maintaining the Hydration Station, Del Sol, and the Coil Cool MAX drinking fountains. All products are custom designed from high grade aluminum and assembled with stainless steel hardware for durability and longevity. The Hydration Station is suitable for all budget points and offers the most advanced technology on the market, while innovations such as solar charging and long lasting, quick charging lithium ion batteries make our machines the intelligent choice.

In 2018, WissTech Enterprises introduced the completely solar charged Del Sol line of drinking fountains. This advanced technology utilizes solar energy to charge a Lithium Ion battery with a charge/discharge rate, totaling seven years with normal use. The addition of a water filter eliminates “turf beads” grass, sand, and dirt from entering the plumbing system of our machines. We are the only manufacturer to include this critical part as a standard feature on our Del Sol drinking fountains.

This year, WissTech Enterprises has introduced the Team Mate Elite drinking fountain, which utilizes a highly effective insulated tank, aluminum enclosure, water filter, and a lead acid battery with a traditional charger included. Another advancement in 2019 involves including “tinned wire” to end galvanic corrosion in wires, terminals, switches, and battery points within electrical enclosures. The goal is to produce a machine that is “bullet proof” to last for years to come.

Visit the WissTech website for more information.

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