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Safer Transport of Injured Athletes

posted 2018-02-22T23:23:08 in Blog

When an athlete is injured, getting them safely off the field can be difficult without the right equipment.  KIMTEK CORPORATION has met this problem head on, with their durable Emergency Medical Rescue Slide in Skid Units.

“Our products take the equation of transporting athletes to a much safer, professional level,” says Kimball Johnson, founder and president of KIMTEK.  “Made out of all aluminum diamond plate, aluminum tubing, and stainless steel parts, with a rugged heavy duty vinyl seat with seat belt, the skid units are smaller weather-resistant units that won’t tear up turf fields when mounted in a propesly size UTV side by side.”

With the MEDLITE Transport Basic (MTB-101) injured athletes are secured to a long board or stokes basket.  The packaged patient is then secured to the skid unit utilizing 10 Velcro D loop straps, while a stationary chair allows for an accompanying attendant.  The MEDLITE Transport (MTS-102) offers these basics as well as a retractable IV pole, an adjustable attendant seat with grab bars, and 9 cubic feet of enclosed storage space, keeping emergency gear safe and dry.

KIMTEK’s bestseller, the MEDLITE transport Deluxe (MTD-103), was created with years of customer requests in mind.  Along with the features of the MTS-102, this model includes an extra stainless steel grab bar for the attendant and an O2 holder.  The storage area in this model also has a slide out tray, making it easier to rapidly reach needed equipment.

Built to fit on most of the large ATV/UTV side by sides, a quick release system makes installation and removal of each model simple, allowing athletic programs to extend the benefits of the vehicle to other departments.  Overall versatility and durability makes the MEDLITE useful in any environment.

“Our units are used worldwide,” says Johnson.  “They can be found in many fire departments and ambulance squads, all branches of the U.S. military, and in everything from elementary schools, to universities, and even to the NFL.”


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