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The Benefits of a Plunge Pool

posted 2019-04-03T01:50:28 in Blog

Plunge Pools can greatly help athletes in terms of both rehab and recovery. It’s a tool that athletic training and strength/conditioning departments should seriously consider adding to their facility.

SwimEx hydrotherapy pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 300-square feet of space. The largest SwimEx pool can extend up to 22′. Plunge pools can stretch as long as 45′ or go as deep as 7′. You can vary the length, depth, and interior configuration to meet specific treatment objectives.

There are basically two types of plunge pools—cold and hot.  Both are used to achieve specific treatment outcomes. Cold plunges reduce muscle inflammation by decreasing lactic acid build up. When used post exercise, athletes gain the beneficial effects of working out with less pain and muscle soreness.  Hot plunge pools are used before working out to increase blood flow, flexibility and loosen muscles. Increased flexibility leads to less muscle strain and more productive exercise sessions or rehabilitation.

Here are four factors to consider when purchasing a plunge pool.

1. Temperature Control:

Plunges should have a highly dependable heating or cooling systems that consistently maintain optimum water temperatures. Cold plunge pool water temperature is typically a therapeutic 50° F (10°c). Hot plunges should maintain water temperatures up to 104°F (40°c).

SwimEx plunge pools come equipped with either electric or gas heater options or water or air cooled chilling options (depending upon site requirements). They are built with insulated fiberglass construction and have a wood core for superior temperature retention.

2. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Bottoms drains are standard on all SwimEx plunge pools. Depending on the amount of use, they typically require draining once a year to clean the interior walls.  Look for a fiberglass plunge pool with a Gelcoat interior finish. It easily wipes clean and the smooth surface makes it harder for algae to adhere to pool walls.

3. Interior Layout and Design:

SwimEx plunge pools come in four standard sizes to accommodate different team and facility sizes: small (4-6 users), medium (6-8 users), large (8-10 users), or XL (10-12 users).  They offer design flexibility and are ideal for locker rooms, athletic training centers, and fitness facilities. Install them above ground, in-ground or partially above ground. Create custom interior layouts. Change the stair access, water depth, jets, and bench configurations.

4. Customization:

A plunge pool should satisfy your exact treatment requirements. SwimEx plunge pools can be customized. Vary the depth, length, interior layout, bench and stair configuration.

Hydrotherapy is an ideal tool to safely and effectively rehabilitate and condition athletes. Download these resource tips and design ideas to get equipment that will exceed your expectations.

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