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Arena Renegade® Backstop: New and improved features and benefits

posted 2019-04-02T16:32:37 in Blog

Sports organizations from across the globe turn to Spalding® for championship-caliber equipment. They are the world’s largest basketball product supplier with over 75% of NCAA Division 1 programs using Spalding Backstops. Spalding is also the official backstop of the NBA; and the Backstop and backboard supplier to the NCAA Final Fours. With the Final Four taking place, Spalding is on the scene. Can you pick out the Spalding Backstop? Next time you watch a game, see if you can tell.

The Spalding Arena Renegade® Backstop has many similar characteristics as the current Spalding Arena® Portable Backstops, but with new and improved features and benefits. Its sleek, slimmer profile provides greater audience visibility and the built-in cable channel on the boom allows attachment of items such as microphones, cameras, LED boards, etc. The Arena Renegade’s structure is more secure and durable due to the increased size of the safety lock and adjustment tube, which also helps prevent possible sway movement. Customers can also take advantage of customizing the frame and padding to match the colors of their team.

Click here for more information on the Arena Renegade and other Spalding portable goals.


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