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Spalding Factory: One of the Engines Behind the NCAA Basketball Tournament

posted 2019-03-25T02:45:08 in Blog

Spalding® is the official backboard of the NBA® and the NCAA®, including the NCAA® Final Four™.  As mentioned in an article that ran in USA Today and Des Moines Register, “Every hoop you see during March Madness, every rim slammed on during an NBA game — it all comes from one factory in a town of 4,150 people in rural Iowa.”

The Spalding basketball goal factory is located in Jefferson, Iowa.

The company was named American Athletic, Inc. (AAI) when in 1996, it merged with a basketball manufacturing company. And in 2004, it was acquired by Russell Brands, LLC, which also owns Spalding — the No. 1 brand in basketball.

“We’re proud to be part of (Spalding), but I think we’ve earned it, too,” Mark Lane, vice president of operations at AAI, said in the article.  “When people come in to see, they’re surprised. We have an experienced workforce. We’ve been here for 65 years now, and our people know what they’re doing.”

Click here to read the article that ran in US Today and the Des Moines Register.

And click here for more information on the Spalding basketball goal line of products.

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