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Help athletes safely return to play with Biodex Balance Assessment for Concussion Management

posted 2019-03-14T17:07:04 in Blog

A decreased ability to maintain balance is one of the hallmark signs of concussion. Biodex Balance Assessment adds the objective, neurophysical component for the management of concussion. The benefit is that clinicians are able to quantify the elements of balance – before and after an injury occurs. Detailed summary and progress reports track recovery and provide the medical team with quantitative data to help with the return-to-play decision.

RTP Challenges

Research shows that athletes often demonstrate decreased stability post-concussion.1 The postural stability deficit can best be explained by a sensory interaction problem that prevents concussed athletes from accurately using and exchanging sensory information from the visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems.1 Difficulty in postural sway control can persist even after signs and symptoms of concussion subside.2 More simply stated, the athlete may appear asymptomatic and even pass a computerized cognitive test; however, the lingering effects of a balance disturbance from head trauma would otherwise go undetected without a balance assessment.

In fact, research has shown that balance assessment, in combination with cognitive testing and a graded symptoms checklist, increases overall sensitivity to greater than 90%.3

Measuring Postural Sway

Postural stability testing is an accepted objective measure in the evaluation of athletes with acute cerebral concussion. Large negative effects in postural sway are often identified at both immediate and follow-up assessment points, demonstrating the need for assessment of postural control as part of a concussion protocol.

Biodex Balance Assessment using either the Balance System™ SD or portable BioSway™ goes beyond objective balance testing for changes in postural sway. Using the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB), independent testing of all three sensory feedback systems can determine the individual’s reliance on the visual, vestibular and somatosensory systems. 




Biodex Balance System SD provides static and dynamic balance testing and training




Concussion Management

Biodex Balance Assessment is used for concussion management by high schools, college and professional sports teams to unravel the mystery of concussion and to bring together best practices combining cognitive testing and a graded symptoms checklist in combination with balance assessment.

Biodex balance technology can be used to help athletes perform better by demonstrating functional deficits, documenting weakness and challenging patients to improve. The various test modes evaluate the athlete in a static or dynamic environment, and then generate objective documentation of the results.

The latest version of Biodex balance technology software includes the option of conducting a modified version of a Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) test of postural stability, popular for concussion management. The systems feature the ability to create custom sensory integration balance tests which allows for modification of existing or the creation of entirely new protocols with both the CTSIB and BESS tests.




Biodex BioSway is easy to transport for clinicians on the go

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