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The Woes of Smelly Hockey Equipment

posted 2019-03-12T19:10:31 in Blog

Patrick Smith has been playing hockey off and on for 17 years. No matter how often Patrick has played, his equipment has always smelled like a dumpster after getting off the ice.

“As soon as I got home, I would open my hockey bag, and the smell hit me right away, “Patrick wrote in an article on the Medi-Dyne website. Even if I was tired, I had to string out my hockey equipment around the garage. I put my shoulder pads on a tool hook, gloves on top of my hockey net, skates laced together around the chair, and just threw everything else on the floor like normal. Add a few games, scrimmages, and practices to your mileage and the neighbors may come over to file a complaint about the smell. Leaving the equipment out in the garage for the Texas heat to enjoy wasn’t helping either.

“With hockey equipment, there is no dumping it in the washing machine,” Patric wrote. “With all the pads and straps, good luck not breaking the washer or ruining your gear. Unless you want to do laundry for 8 hours, you also can’t just wash one piece of gear at a time.

“In addition to fighting the odor, it’s important to understand the health concerns that come with smelly hockey gear, especially if bacteria are involved” Patrick continued. “If you’ve taken a slash to the back of the leg or puck to the neck as I have, your open wounds can be prone to bacterial infections. Many medical studies have shown the link between unclean sports equipment and bacterial infections such as staph, strep, and folliculitis to name a few. To help us smelly hockey players, ProStock Hockey has made an easy-to-follow chart on how to clean hockey equipment.”

Medi-Dyne has a solution to this problem that Patrick and thousands of other hockey players have had to encounter in playing the sport on a regular basis.

Stink Free® Spray is guaranteed to remove, not mask, all odors caused by sweat left in athletic equipment, gym bags and lockers. The product’s technically advanced formula cleans the pores that trap the odor in shoes and gear. Stink Free® Spray has no perfume in it’s formula, therefore it leaves behind no smell once dry.


The Stink Free® product line also includes Stink Free® Sports Detergent.

To learn more about Stink Free®, visit the 2Toms section of the Medi-Dyne website.

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