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Need Field Diagrams? There’s an App for That

posted 2019-03-10T18:31:48 in Product Announcement

It’s one of the most frustrating moments for any athletic manager: desperately needing updated diagrams—and being unable to trust anything on the Internet.

Until now. The American Sports Builders Association has debuted a way of getting those diagrams you can trust – through its new mobile app, available via free download on iPhone and Android devices.

ASBA Diagram Showcase is live on the App Store. It contains updated diagrams for the following facilities:

The diagrams illustrate not only the facilities themselves (an example might be an NCAA-regulation men’s lacrosse field) but necessary technical details to those maintaining, building and repairing such facilities, such as a cross-section of a synthetic turf anchoring system.

The organized format of the app means athletic directors and managers can find exactly what they are seeking, without having to wade through extraneous information. For example, by clicking on the “Pickleball” key, 21 options are presented, including playing line layouts, net elevations, court overruns, court orientation and more. Users can click on exactly what they need and have it, literally, at their fingertips.

The app represents a tremendous advance in the industry, and will allow those in the field, or even working from the office, to access the information they need quickly and easily, and to save it for future use. ASBA will update the information in the app to remain current with any rule changes.

“ASBA is really excited that we can offer the Diagram Showcase app,” said Kristoff Eldridge, CTB, ASBA’s chairman. “We see it not only as a way for builders, design professionals, managers and others in the industry to access information easily, but as a way to promote quality design and construction of athletic facilities worldwide. The fact that the app is free means it is even easier to put this information into the hands of anyone who needs it, and who wants to have the most updated diagrams available.”

The ASBA Diagram Showcase can be accessed on the App Store by keying ASBA into the search box.

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