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Providing Cold Water to Athletes Makes a Difference

posted 2019-03-07T20:45:47 in Blog

Drinking cold water Is a major preference for athletes—especially when practices and games are being held during hot, sunny weather conditions. WissTech offers the perfect solution for providing your athletes with cold water, thus making it more likely that they will stay hydrated—especially important in hot weather.

The WissTech Cool Coil Max offers five times the chilling volume of other chillers and features twin-high capacity chilling chambers that are under ice at all times. In addition, an internal hose manifold helps keeps water cool and it can hold ice for up to five days. It sports a low profile for easy storage and has no external frames that can break or re-heat water.

The coil cool max water chiller has twin high capacity chilling chambers with an internal hose manifold that helps keep water cold. Because of its low profile design it makes it easy to store. Because it holds so much weight a steel mesh cart with pneumatic wheels is included for convenience

Athletes will appreciate the six drinking hoses, each of which comes with bend water valves for ease of use. And new features include a welded aluminum frame and no-flat tires.

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