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Trusted by the Baltimore Ravens

posted 2019-02-05T17:55:25 in Case Study

As the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Baltimore Ravens and founder of Power Train Sports and Fitness, Steve Saunders is tasked with staying on top of the latest trends in the fitness equipment industry.

During recent equipment upgrades to the Ravens’ Under Armour Performance Center and Saunders’ multiple facilities, Saunders chose Matrix because he believes that their products are commercially among the best. “The goal was to find equipment at an affordable price that can serve all the functions of what we do, for pro athletes to youth athletes to adult clients,” says Saunders. “It’s heavy duty stuff—sound enough for our pro athletes but basic enough for everyone else that we had.

“With the Baltimore Ravens, the equipment was just awesome for big guys, little guys, skilled guys,” Saunders continues. “It was really just a great fit for us outfitting and putting some additional equipment in the facility.”

Another reason Saunders went with Matrix was the company’s expertise when it comes to installations. “My goal after my first health club was to never have to install a piece of equipment again,” says Saunders. “It’s so nice now, especially with larger facilities, to know that Matrix and their crew, they’re going to put it in place… without getting anything scratched. And they just do a great job of making sure I’m happy with the look of the facility before they go.”

Saunders’ NFL players and younger athletes alike are all “amazed” by the final result of each facility. “Matrix really did a great job with the facility, of branding equipment exactly how we wanted to, making the high-end, modern sports marketing look that we were looking for,” says Saunders. “The equipment [was] what I had in my mind when starting franchising and opening multiple locations. Matrix really made that possible for the affordable cost.

“And the players were really impressed. We hadn’t gotten any new cardio pieces or racks in there in quite some time, and they were really blown away by the quality and look of the product,” adds Saunders. “The equipment exceeds our expectations, and the service is well above that.”

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