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Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC

AquaGaiter Helps Athletes Heal

posted 2019-02-05T15:56:56 in Video

The healing process for injury and surgery is always a slow and painful process. Rehabilitation from catastrophic injuries, however, can even tax the modalities of the finest athletic trainer.

The challenge is simple—achieving maximum levels of range of motion, strength, proprioception, attitude, and function, without inflicting further harm to the patient’s affected area. The solution is also simple, as professional, college, and high school athletic trainers have all discovered the benefits of aquatic therapy. According to Hudson Aquatic Systems, aquatic therapy allows early weight bearing in rehabbing athletes by unloading the weight and stress on the joints while providing a supportive buoyancy to muscles.

The AquaGaiter drop-in underwater treadmill provides these benefits and many more. The high resistance of water, coupled with its minimal impact on the patient, can deliver scar tissue management, soft tissue and joint mobilization, and progression from a passive range of motion to a maximal range of motion. It’s even been linked to edema reduction, modulation, and the reduction of pain, and it encourages increased muscular activity and the recruitment of muscle fibers to increase muscular strength and endurance. The water’s temperature and pressure can also assist with circulation and the relaxation of muscle.

There are several AquaGaiter models to choose from. The AquaGaiter 3HP and AquaGaiter HD 5HP both have a speed range of .5-5 MPH (.8-8 km/h), while the AquaGaiter HS 5HP ranges from .5-7 MPH (.8-11 km/h). Options for all three include different length hoses up to 50 feet; wall display showing time, speed, and distance; and a power pack cover. In the video below, witness the AquaGaiter in action.

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