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Performance Wedges Elevate Workouts

posted 2019-02-04T20:21:26 in Product Announcement

To give athletic trainers a boost in helping their athletes take their workout sessions to the next level, OPTP proudly offers Performance Wedges. Sold as a pair, these foam wedges are designed to improve alignment, posture, strength, and balance. They also provide necessary joint support during a variety of movements and exercise routines.

Performance Wedges can be used beneath the hands or feet while training, performing yoga poses, and much more. They are sturdy enough for heavy use yet lightweight enough to travel with, making them an ideal and versatile companion for use at home or away. The durable, comfortable foam construction and patented contour design fits hands and feet of all sizes, promoting strength and functionality throughout the body.

“Users of all levels can benefit from the low-impact, yet challenging movements supported by these wedges,” states OPTP on its website. “They serve as an assistant for alignment and form during squats, planks, pushups, and balance-related movements. Exercises take advantage of the unique shape to promote improved strength and functionality.”

Athletes who use Performance Wedges report an increase in core strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance; improved balance, alignment, and posture; an enhanced functionality of range of motion; and a stronger mind-body connection. Other benefits include a sweat-resistant surface that is easy to clean and special pricing for health and fitness professionals.

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