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Kansas City Chiefs Show Commitment to Safety

posted 2019-01-31T17:19:23 in Case Study

For over 35 years, Allen Wright, Director of Equipment for the Kansas City Chiefs, has watched the sport of football evolve as one of the hardest-hitting sports in the world. With that comes his constant concern over whether he is providing his team with the best possible gear, especially when it comes to helmets.

That’s why in 2017, Wright opted to introduce the ground-breaking technology of the VICIS ZERO1 helmet to his team, and now, over half of the Chiefs’ 90-man roster wears one. “When we got together back in 2014, there was already a lot of concern about head health in football and other sports,” Dave Marver, co-founder and CEO of VICIS, tells Chiefswire. “What struck me was that helmets hadn’t really changed since the 1970’s. They were still constructed with a really rigid outer shell and then some foam underneath.

“We went out and engaged with the NFL teams. We did a lot of listening and talked to them about what they wanted to see in a true 21st century helmet,” Marver continues. “As a result we have a helmet that has multiple layers, all engineered toward together. The outer shell actually deforms, like a car bumper would in a collision so that it slows impact forces before it reaches the head.”

With the ZERO1 leading the NFL helmet testing process in the last several years, Marver says that the Chiefs ensure their players are aware of the top-ranked VICIS innovation so that they can make the right decision on which helmet to wear. “The medical staff and equipment staff from the Chiefs are very serious about offering their players the best possible technology across the board,” says Marver. “They saw that our helmet finished first in each of the last two years in that testing. The players are telling us that it just feels very different. It’s more comfortable. They don’t get headaches as much. They don’t see stars.

“They had about a dozen players wearing the helmet last year (2017) and I think they had a really positive experience,” Marver concludes. “As a result of positive word of mouth and continued strong test data and the commitment of the equipment and medical staff’s of the Chiefs, there are a lot more players in it this year.”

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