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DOCTOR HOY'S Natural Pain Relief

Pain Relief Gel + Therapy Tape = Faster Healing

posted 2019-01-31T16:48:46 in Blog

All athletic trainers are aware of the benefits that a proper application of therapy tape can provide to athletes—improved movement of lymphatic fluid, increased flow of white blood cells, and pain relief, to name a few.

But what if athletic trainers combined this time-tested practice with a product that combines Arnica Montana, a powerful and natural anti-inflammatory, with camphor and time-release menthol? Luckily, topical DOCTOR HOY’s Natural Pain Relief Gel possesses these features and is the perfect pairing for a therapy tape treatment.

While the therapy tape delivers pain relief by supporting muscles, tendons, and ligaments, the Natural Pain Relief Gel provides a blend of cool and warm sensation for deep, comforting relief that lasts for several hours.

The two methods go hand in hand thanks to the gel’s water-based analgesic, which will not interrupt the adhesive of therapy tape and can be applied both under and on top of the tape. They both also target the same problems, such as targeting swelling and inflammation caused by injury, which is why combining these methods is becoming a new trick of the trade for athletic trainers around the country.

Another benefit to DOCTOR HOY’S Natural Pain Relief Gel is that it absorbs into the skin quickly. Layering the gel with a few minutes between applications will increase the strength of pain relief and promote longer lasting results. On average, most users experience two to five hours of pain relief, making it possible for anyone to customize their own pain treatment with this product.

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